Our lenticular lamination line can now be back printed more economically.


Depth Action has just installed equipment to give us additional lenticular capabilities. Our lenticular lamination line, which took two years to develop, will enable us to offer more economical lenticular as well as additional capabilities. Need a lenticular with a printed back? Now it's a lot easier and less costly.

Depth Action Imaging Group has lenticular print capabilites unmatched by anyone. We give you both direct to lens print technology and lenticular lamination technology where we print lenticular information on a substrate and laminate a lens over the printing. We have the thickest lens available that can be direct printed. A 38 mil, 55 line lens is ideal for full animation and POP usage. As well, we have various other lenses that can be direct printed. Our lenticular lamination process extends our capability, especially for cards, direct mail, premiums and OEM applications.

Through one of it's parent companies, Depth Action Imaging Group has access to one of the best and largest plastic printing and finishing plants in the world. Our 6, 7 and 8-color presses with direct to plate prepress technology gives you the highest quality printing available. In the same plant, we offer diecutting, lamination, mounting, heat bending, phone card, magnetic-stripe, card finishing, card encoding and specialty packaging operations. We're truly a one-stop shopping source.

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