7-11 / Budweiser Cooler Door Decal

Lens: .038 55 line PETG SPC Exclusive
Printing: 4 color process plus white printed WR on back of lens.
Finishing: Apply removable adhesive backer. Square cut to size.

This product was produced for Anheuser Busch Co. Inc., in St. Louis, Missouri. the product is a lenticular cooloer door decal designed to be a POP display located in all 7-11 convenience stores. This job was packed and drop-shipped from UVC F&F, Palmyra, MO. The product consists of one 5.25" x 7" 2-way flip lenticular card. a removable adhesive backer was laminated to the lenticular, square-cut and packed per Anheuser Busch's instruction in padded mailers or cartons depending on the quantity per location. This decal was designed to have an optimum viewing distance of 8' to 10'.


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