Mother & Baby Elephant Lenticular Animation

Lens: .038 55 line PETG SPC Exclusive
Printing: 4 color process plus white printed WR on back of lens plus a four color backer.
Finishing: Apply barier laminate, bleed cut.

This lenticular sample was produced for our own use. Animations range from 16 up to 23 phases. This is a good example of what is possible with our .038, 55-line lense. This image is also available for use by our customers. Keep in mind that the image would need to be re-interlaced to produce additional sizes. The source material for this lenticular was Beta SP Video, obtained through a film library. These libraries have an almost endless list of materials which can be used for lenticular imaging. There is a search fee to have a specific subject searched and a royalty fee for usage. The search fees range from $75 to several hundred dollars depending on the specific use and quantity produced. Most fees will run from 5-6 cents per piece. The search can take from a week to several weeks to complete; keep this in mind when ordering. SPC will need to review any video sequence to determine its suitability for the lenticular animation process.

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