Aimpoint The dimensional plane that coincides with the surface of the printed unit. Important elements, such as type or logos should be composed for this plane.

Bitmap ImageAlso raster image. An arrangement of small squares (pixels) used to define an image.

Dots per inch. Defines resolution of bitmap images.

Interlace The process of combining image data from two or more graphics in a configuration compatible with a lenticular lens array.

Lenticule A single lens element in a lenticular lens array characterized by curvature along one axis only.

Parallax The apparent shift in objects/elements between right and left perspective views. The greater the parallax shift the greater the apparent depth.

A single graphic or image. A two image flip would be billed as a 2 phase animation. 12 frames of video would be calculated as a 12 phase animation.

Side-to-Side Lenticules run vertically or from top to bottom and graphic must be tilted from side to side to observe a change in images. ALL 3-D must be configured as side-to-side.

Stereoscopic Use of two perspective views to achieve the perception of depth.

Up/Down Lenticules run horizontally or from left to right. The graphic must be tilted up and down to observe a change in images. Generally, hand held animations or full motion animations will be configured to be up/down.

Vector Graphics Lines and curves are defined by mathematical equations to describe the graphic elements.
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